Board Action Update | June 24, 2022
Posted on 06/24/2022

Board Meeting Action Updates

June 24, 2022 - Regular Board Meeting 

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the June 23, 2022 Regular School Board meeting.

Closed Session Report Out:

  • No report out

Board Feedback on ELO-P Plan:

  • What is the current capacity at this time for ASES, and how many students have been turned away?

  • Ensure we target all of our families to communicate these opportunities. 

  • Foster collaborative partnerships

    • Music based partners for performing arts

    • Vista Chamber apprenticeships

    • CTE funding sources and partnerships

    • Innovate 78

    • College Apps Academy

    • Inform middle school students of CTE pathways available to feed into high schools

    • Pre apprenticeship programs for middle school

Board Feedback on Measure LL Bond Presentation:

  •  VMMS Parking Lot - research options for electrical charging stations 

Consent Calendar:

  • Item 10A June 9th Board meeting minutes tabled for revisions and will be brought back to the next meeting for approval

  • All other consent items approved


Discussion/Action Items:

Approved - Language for the Vision, Learner, Adult, and System Portraits and Values for 2022-2023

Approved - Adopt the Local Control And Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the 2022-23 School Year

Approved - 2022-23 LCAP Federal Addendum

Approved - The California School Dashboard - 2022 VUSD Local Performance Indicators

Approved - Adopt the VUSD Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation for the 2022-23 School Year

Approved the LCAP language with an amendment to include SROs on page 26, Strategy II, Action and Service 9, Action Plan Step 3: “Design and implement a comprehensive safety response and reporting system including SRO agreements in the event of community dangers.”

Approved - Adopt the Vista Unified School District Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Approved - Adopt A-G Completion Improvement Grant Plan

Approved - The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP-P) Plan

Approved - The VUSD Universal Pre-K and Transitional K Planning and Implementation Plan

Approved - The District’s First Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment Report

Approved - Ratify and Approve Contracts Aligned to 2022-23 Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation

Approved - Contract Modification #1 for Preconstruction Services at the Classroom Modernization Project at Beaumont Elementary School - Measure LL Bond

Approved - Appointment of New Members to Vacant Position on the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee for a Two Year Term for Measure LL

Approved -Resolution# 22-54 to Piggyback on the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance Contract# EV2370 to Purchase New Data Center Equipment

Approved - Umbrella Assignment and Assumption of Certain Paying Agent and Filing Agent Agreements

Approved - Substitute Teacher Pay Rate Schedule Effective July 1, 2022

Approved - Increase to the Certificated Administrator Hourly Rate of Pay Effective July 1, 2022

Approved - Resolution# 22-56 to Eliminate CNS Classified Positions

Approved - The Certificated Personnel Register #2

Approved - The Interim Contract for the Chief Operations Officer
Approved - Resolution# 22-53 Authorizing Remote Teleconference Meetings for the Period July 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022