Board Action Update | November 18, 2022
Posted on 11/18/2022

Board Meeting Action Updates

November 18, 2022 - Regular Board Meeting 

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the November 17, 2022 Regular School Board meeting.

Important Note: The LiveStream video link did not work during the first portion of the meeting. We apologize for the inconvenience. The disruption was determined to be outside of Vista Unified control. We were able to restore the video link about halfway through the meeting after working with the vendor. 


Board Actions:

Closed Session Report Out:

  • No report out

Board Feedback on Measure LL Facility Bond Mini Workshop

  • Board Consensus to continue on with the Bobier Design Development process

Board Feedback on Multilingual Program

  • Ensure general education teachers are aware that TK-2 English learners are offered support from ELD Teachers 

  • Utilize GLAD trained teachers to facilitate trainings at the District level

  • Review with HR department the two Board-approved GLAD teachers who were changed to DLI/GLAD teachers

  • Ensure administrators monitor ELD time at each site and provide the necessary tools for them to ensure good practices for both integrated and designated ELD daily

  • Provide data site by site to identify progression of English Learners

  • Ensure dually identified students have equal access to DLI programs with appropriate supports

  • Provide communication to families/staff regarding middle school expansion of the DLI program

Board Feedback on Special Education Program

  • Provide access to sensory kits for general education teachers through grants utilizing medical funds. Ensure administrators are aware of the sensory kits and their value supporting students in general education settings.

Consent Calendar:

  • All consent items approved


Discussion/Action Items:
Approved - The MOU between the Vista Unified School District and the California School Employees Association and its Chapter #389 Regarding an Increase in Work Hours for School Age Child Care Leaders
Approved - The Schematic Design and Authorize Architect to Proceed to Remaining Design Phases at Bobier Elementary School

Approved - Contract Modification for Architectural Services at Vista Magnet Middle School

Approved - Change Order #2 in the amount of ($85,913) for Shade Improvement Project at Madison Middle School

Approved - Resolution #23-20 to Piggyback on the City of Mesa, AZ Contract #2018011-02 Awarded to SHI
Approved - Resolution #23-21 Authorizing Remote Teleconference Meetings for the period December 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022