Board Action Update | January 28, 2022
Posted on 01/28/2022

Board Meeting Action Updates

January 28, 2022

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the January 27, 2022 Special School Board meeting.


  • Health and Safety Update - No action taken, report only.

  • APPA Report - No action taken, report only.

  • Annual Governance Workshop - No action taken, report only.


Board Feedback on the Health and Safety:

  • Gather data on the impact of the pandemic on speech and language services.

  • Ensure that all classrooms have access to a supply of masks in their classroom. 

  • Investigate the possibility of bringing back the 3.8 hour Health Tech. position in the front office in elementary schools to address the impacts of the pandemic. 

  • Ensure that all staff receive timely information about changes in the pandemic response procedures and protocols. 

Board Feedback on the APPA Report:

  • Develop a multi-year plan to restructure the Grounds Department to address the recommendations from the APPA report. 

  • Develop a short term response plan to address safety related challenges across the district related to grounds and landscaping.