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Vista Visions Academy



Vista Visions Academy is a 6-12 Blended, Independent Study School of Choice which draws students from throughout the Vista Unified School District as well as from surrounding communities.


Students do half of their learning at home with their parents as coaches and mentors. Teachers partner with parents and provide on-campus classes in math, language arts, hands-on science, art, programming, and music. Students have access to current and state-of-the-art software that tracks progress. These programs adapt to the student and lead then to their next achievement level. Currently, we are using Accelus and Apex, . 


High school students take three classes each semester along with physical education. Each semester class is equivalent to a full year class on a “traditional” high school schedule. Students earn a minimum of 20 credits toward graduation each trimester.  In addition to meeting with their teachers individually and attending lab classes for science and math, all high school students attend a weekly advisory course.


High school teachers at Vista Visions Academy are Leading Edge Certified by the San Diego County of Education. This intensive digital certification program focused on 21st-century teaching and learning strategies. In addition, two of our teachers were chosen to participate in a two-week training sponsored by NASA. 


When students graduate from our program, they are prepared for a career or college. Our rigorous program requires students to be critical thinkers who can collaborate online and in face-to-face groups. They are challenged to solve real-world problems using strategies modeled by our forward-thinking staff.



4680 North Ave, Oceanside, Ca 92056