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The District believes the quality of its programs and services can be improved when we engage in conversation to resolve differences and or disagreements through a process focused on making decisions that are in the best interest of students. Parents, staff, students and community members are encouraged to first engage in conversations first with the person(s) or program where the concern exists. Please visit the Complaint Resolution Resources available on this website to assist you in addressing your concern.

Standard Complaint FormSpanish Examples complaints concerning employee conduct, adopted instructional materials, enrollment or transfer or action taken regarding discipline of a student. 

Uniform Complaint Form/ Spanish Examples: complaints concerning discrimination or harassment of students or a member of the community. 

Uniform Complaint Form-School Fees/ Spanish Example: complaint concerning fees required by a school or program.

Uniform Complaint Form Williams- Valenzuela/ Spanish Examples: teacher misassignment or vacancy, deficiency of instructional materials or facilities concerns that pose a threat to the health and safety of students.

FOR DISTRICT USE ONLY Complaint Conference FormMembers of the management team use this form to process oral complaints at the site or department.

Confidential complaints may be addressed to the Assistant Superintendent, Human Relations at 760.726.2170 ext.92202.

Employee Information Changes

Employees are required to maintain the most current contact information on file with the District. Please complete the Employee Information Form and return it to the Human Resources Office with each change in your information.

Please note name changes must be verified with a new social security card.

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