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December 18, 2014 Elementary Boundary Committee

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Elementary Boundary Committee / Meeting Agenda 

Date:              December 18, 2014

Time:               5 - 7 p.m.

Location:        District Office Board Room

Key Commitments: Responsiveness *  Guidance  *  Support  *  Resolution

Purpose of Committee:  District needs to realign boundaries to balance student populations and to accommodate growth in the future with minimal disruptions to families.

Facilitators:  Eric Hall & Associates (Eric Hall, President and Barry Dragon, Consultant);

                       Demographers:  Greg Davis & Associates



Introduction of Committee Members and Facilitators          

Donna Caperton

Barry Dragon

5:00 Fifty-one (51) Committee Members and support staff attended the 1st meeting of the Elementary Boundary Committee


Dr. Devin Vodicka 5:20

Dr. Vodicka’s presented a Power Point

Group Norms All 5:15 Group Norms were reviewed and shared.
Where to get Information to be shared with Others Donna Caperton  

Web Site for Elementary Boundary Committee:

Process (Where to get Information)

Barry Dragon


Committee is Advisory to the Superintendent

Superintendent will make recommendation to the Board

School Board makes Final decision

Participatory (Committee, Online Surveys, Recommendation in February, Final decision in March)
Criteria Designation All 5:30-6:30 The committee identified criteria designations that will allow for the establishment of boundaries. 
Round Table (Talking Points) All 6:30-6:45

Committee members feel that the process will be very transparent and their input is valued. 

Next Meeting:  January 8, 2015

(District Office Board Room, 1234 Arcadia Ave)
    Understanding the basis of enrollment projections, generation rates of new development, and capacity at existing sites.


Meeting Handouts