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February 05, 2015 Elementary Boundary Committee Meeting


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Elementary Boundary Committee / Meeting Agenda 

Date:              February 5, 2015

Time:               5 - 7 p.m.

Location:        District Office Board Room

Key Commitments: Responsiveness *  Guidance  *  Support  *  Resolution

Purpose of Committee:  District needs to realign boundaries to balance student populations and to accommodate growth in the future with minimal disruptions to families.

Facilitators:  Barry Dragon, Eric Hall & Associates;   Demographer:  Greg Davis, DDP


Review of Group Norms     

Barry Dragon

5:00 Review of Group Norms as discussed at last meeting

Review of Evaluation Criteria


Barry Dragon



Barry Dragon to review Evaluation Criteria as discussed at the January 8th,15th, and 29th meetings.

Boundary Scenarios Greg Davis 5:10 Greg Davis will present three scenarios to the Committee based upon discussion and input from the January 29th meeting. Greg will discuss the various key elements of each scenario and how each option addresses the Committee’s needs.
Group Discussion & “Whip” Barry Dragon 6:10

Barry Dragon will facilitate a “whip” allowing each committee member 30 seconds to provide his or her feedback on the three scenarios previously discussed.  Committee members are asked not to express their voting preferences at this time.

Voting Criteria and Voting

Barry Dragon


Barry Dragon will discuss the “voting” methodology for the group’s vote as to the three scenarios.  A “weighted” voting system will be employed given the Committee’s previous expression of their priorities

Subsequently a vote will be conducted that ranks the scenarios, which will then be communicated to the Superintendent

Next Steps

All 6:55  

Meeting Handouts

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