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January 08, 2015 Elementary Boundary Committee Meeting

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Elementary Boundary Committee / Meeting Agenda 

Date:              January 8, 2015

Time:               5 - 7 p.m.

Location:        District Office Board Room

Key Commitments: Responsiveness *  Guidance  *  Support  *  Resolution

Purpose of Committee:  District needs to realign boundaries to balance student populations and to accommodate growth in the future with minimal disruptions to families.

Facilitators:  Eric Hall & Associates (Eric Hall, President and Barry Dragon, Consultant);

                       Demographers:  Greg Davis & Associates


Welcome & Review of Group Norms     

Barry Dragon

5:00 Review of Group Norms as discussed at last meeting

Review of Key Elements of

December 18, 2014 Meeting


Barry Dragon



Barry Dragon to review Notes from December 18, 2014 Meeting and amend as necessary

Defining Boundary Decisions’ Criteria All 5:20 Barry Dragon to lead the discussion on identifying the 5-6 key criteria to be used in evaluating boundary decisions
Demographic Information and Presentation Greg Davis 5:45

Understanding the basis of enrollment projections, generation rates of new development, and capacity at existing sites.


G. Davis will lead a conversation and give a presentation on his processes and methodologies used for the development of enrollment projections and the integration of this data through the use of discrete population study areas in determining where the student population currently resides and how this methodology can assist in deciding new boundaries

Next Steps

Barry Dragon


Now that data has been shared with Committee, how can this data be applied against a criteria matrix in address evaluating boundary scenarios and options

Next Meeting: January 15, 2015
5:00 to 7:00 pm

(District Office Board Room, 1234 Arcadia Ave)

Demographic Information Power Point Presentation

Working together as a team!