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VUSD Student Support Services

Visit our VUSD Student Support Services page today for a number of great resources for Family and Student Support and to contact someone today to help you with your various academic and social-emotional needs.

VUSD Cares for our Families & Students!


Attendance and Drop-Out Prevention

Please look over this PowerPoint Presentation to learn more about the importance of attendance and how it can reduce the likelihood of a child dropping out of school. Thank you for getting your children to school and on time!


Providing Social-Emotional Support

10 Ways to Support Your Child's Emotional Needs

  1. Regularly tell your child your expectations of them and support his/her efforts to achieve them.
  2. Avoid blaming your child when he/she has difficulty in school.
  3. Encourage positive feelings and attitudes about school.
  4. Provide praise when effort and enthusiasm are shown for school projects and activities.
  5. Discuss social issues with your child. Read about - Helping Your Child with Social Problems. 
  6. Be willing to help identify problems and find solutions.
  7. Explain that taking on responsibility requires courage and praise your child’s efforts to do so.
  8. Understand that over scheduling can cause stress and frustration for you and your child.  Try to limit extracurricular activities.
  9. Take the time to actively listen when your child wants to talk.
  10. Discuss your child’s mistakes and negative situations while creating a learning opportunity for making better decisions.

For more information and tips, visit here

Helping your Struggling Child

It's not always easy: school, parenting, relationships, growing up. Your child is learning that as she/he grows up. This article provides some good ideas of how to support your struggling child.

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"Don't Worry" - VUSD is here to support!

"It takes a village to raise a child." 

Vista USD partners strongly with our families and community to work collaboratively in raising and educating our "village's" beautiful children. Thank you to everyone for sharing the love together for our students. Together, we persevere!


Family Chores

Visit for some great tips on how to get the family participating with chores. "The objective of Family Chores is to assist parents in teaching kids to have a great work ethic, develop strong values, and set goals."


The Snack Epidemic


"Cookies at school, crackers for car rides, chips after sports ... This around-the-clock nibbling is hurting kids' eating habits -- and their health." Read more here and find some great tips for ensuring your family is eating healthily.