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International Center For Educational Research & Practice Launches In Vista


Vista USD, UCSD and San Diego Workforce Partnership Partner To Open The International Center for Educational Research and Practice


Ground-breaking Center Shrinks Lag Time Between Research and Practice; Presenting At Global Summit April 16-18



The new International Center for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP) is launching in north San Diego County, California. The Center will be housed at the Vista Innovation Center and will include physical spaces for the three partners in the venture.


The San Diego Union-Tribune recently featured the center in its education and North County sections.


Key leaders from the center will also celebrate its launch as featured panelists at the annual ASU-GSV Summit, a global educational technology conference whose keynote speakers this year include Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and former Mexican President Vicente Fox.


The Partnership

iCERP has three primary partners:

- Vista Unified School District (VUSD)

- University of California at San Diego Graduate School of Education (UCSD GSE)

- San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP).


This tri-partnership represents some historical firsts in that (1) this is the first UCSD GSE research initiative physically located on a school district campus, and (2) this is the first effort to bring SDWP’s CONNECT2Careers youth employment program in North County and within a school district.


iCERP is designed to:

  • Conduct neuro-scientific and cognitive scientific research in a school-community setting so that the usual lag time between research and practice based on findings is significantly reduced.  UCSD GSE has a series of projects in line, mostly targeted to younger learners, where the returns to society will be greatest over time.
  • Serve as a hub for global partnerships that promote international collaboration and benchmarking.
  • Facilitate “inter-sectionality of thought” among partners so that the impact of the research can serve the disciplines of lifelong learning, college and career readiness, family and community engagement, and societal-scale thinking. Working together, partners are creating a spectrum of programs designed to make school more relevant and better prepare students for a knowledge-based society and globally competitive economy. Essentially, what these programs do is operationalize and action-orient STEAM for lifelong learning, talent pipelines and economic growth – in other words, a knowledge society.


“What excites me most about building the Center is that it sets the conditions for actionable, real time collaboration and co-design between public education, educational research, and the increasingly complex and evolving world of work”, explains Dr. Matt Doyle, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation, Vista Unified School District.


“Creating research-practice partnership is something that is often touted, attempted, but rarely achieved," adds Dr. Alan J. Daly, Director of Educational Leadership programs and Professor of Education Studies, University of California, San Diego. "We are proud to collaborate with the Vista Unified School District in bringing this deeply held dream to life for the students, families, and wider Vista community.”


Taking the research and utilizing the information to teach is one step. Another is being able to connect student learning to the opportunities that await in career readiness. This is where the San Diego Workforce Partnership comes in to add additional depth to the center's work.


“Our future workforce is in our schools, preschools, child care centers and community – our children will be the region’s workforce of tomorrow," says Andy Hall, Chief Operating Officer, San Diego Workforce Partnership. "It is an incredible opportunity to work with Vista Unified and UCSD to help Vista children and youth get a strong start and build career awareness, knowledge, and experience as they prepare for the 21st century jobs that are driving growth in the San Diego regional economy.”



Community Connections

In addition to the three primary partners, iCERP has established relationships with local government officials, the Vista Chamber of Commerce, CEOs of local, global, high priority sector businesses including Datron and Solatube, and the growing Talent Cities initiative that connects employers, schools and community leaders to provide real world “experienceships” for students and employers, preparing students for college and career opportunities.


iCERP hosted a “sneak peek” look into its development in May 2017 with a small event headlined by Stéphan Vincent Lancrin of the OECD.   The OECD is the global organizer of the PISA exam, a triennial international survey which aims to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students.


The Advisory Board for the Center is an impressive list of leaders in education, research and business nationally and internationally.


Global Ed-Tech Summit

Several iCERP initiatives will be highlighted during the annual ASU-GSV Summit, a global conference hosted in San Diego.

Sessions that the team will be presenting include:

  • iCERP Executive Director Dr. Matt Doyle and iCERP Action Council member Shana Cohen, UCSD, will join a national panel on education research-practice centers.
  • iCERP Advisory Board member Stephan Vincent Lancrin, OECD Center for Education Research and Innovation, will present the findings of a three year study of Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills across eleven countries. 
  • iCERP Advisory Board members Phil Blair, Peter Callstrom, Tina Ngo Bartel and iCERP Executive Director Matt Doyle will join a panel discussing Talent Cities.

In addition to the panel discussions and presentations, iCERP will host a tour of four Vista USD schools as part of the conference's programming. Attendees will visit Casita Center, T.H.E. Leadership Academy, VIDA, and Vista High School. iCERP will also have a booth displaying its museum themed work at ASU-GSV.


Finally, iCERP will be launching a website that entails video summaries of its projects, along with accompanying podcast episodes featuring Board members and education thought leaders, and additional resources to engage visitors with the work and goals of iCERP.


For more information, visit www.icerpglobal.com.


Posted by: Lisa Contreras, District Admin, Vista Unified School District Published:4/12/18
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