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Vista Unified School District is ready to refresh its vision and to create its next strategic plan. VUSD is partnering with SDCOE and Prospect Studio to begin this strategic planning process over the next 3-5 years. This planning process involves several learning journeys such as The Student Summit, Guiding Coalition, Community Engagement Meetings, and Board Work Sessions. Let’s prepare our students and school district for their future!

CORE Team Members
Dr. Matthew Doyle - Superintendent
Jose Villarreal - RBV Principal
Eric Chagala - VIDA Principal
Kim Morton - THE Leadership Academy Principal
Kurdy Turner - Secondary TLC TOSA
Taresa McSpadden - Elementary TLC TOSA

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Elementary TLC TOSA

Strategic Planning Lead

Kurdy Turner

Secondary TLC TOSA

Strategic Planning Lead


Upcoming Dates

CORE team meetings

Tuesday 9-10:30

Guiding Coalition #1

December 10th/11th, 2021

Guiding Coalition #2

February 11th/12th, 2022

Guiding Coalition #3

April 8th/9th, 2022

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Student Summit

Students’ experiences and ideas are vital contributions in launching the refresh process on our vision, mission, and values for education in our district. Almost 200 students from middle and high schools attended the Student Summit event on Thursday, November 4th at the Vista Innovation Center (VIC). During this event, each student reflected on moments in their education that worked for them and those that didn’t, brainstormed the skills needed to meet the future, and identified the qualities of influential adults that have positively shaped their educational experiences. The overwhelming feedback we received will be a significant contribution to this refresh process.

 Student Summit SlideShow


Guiding Coalition

The Guiding Coalition is a design team made up of a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. The team meets for three different design and planning sessions (December 10/11, February 11/12 and April 8/9). The purpose of the Guiding Coalition is to dig into the design work of building a vision and strategic plan that will help prepare VUSD for the future. This collective effort will establish the direction for our school district for the next decade through a Graduate Portrait, Adult Portrait, and System Portrait which results in the refreshing of our Core Values.

Guiding Coalition Slideshow

Come back after the event (12/10-12/11) to view this slideshow.

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