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Strategic Planning




Our Vision 

Every student graduates from Vista Unified as a resilient, agile learner and creative problem solver who navigates the world with confidence and kindness and eagerly embraces local and global challenges.


Taresa McSpadden

Elementary TOSA

Strategic Planning Lead 2021

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Kurdy Turner

Assistant Principal, VIDA

Strategic Planning Lead 2021

Our Partners







We launched our Framework for the Future last school year and it all started with our leaders at Leadership Advance.

Leadership Advance

Each leader then presented our learner, adult, and system portraits with their staff before the first day of school.

Here is the Framework for the Future of Vista Unified School District.



Dr. Matthew Doyle - Superintendent
Jose Villarreal - RBV Principal
Eric Chagala - VIDA Principal
Kim Morton - THE Leadership Academy Principal
Kurdy Turner - Secondary TLC TOSA
Taresa McSpadden - Elem TLC TOSA


Students who participated with our Guiding Coalition events have prepared a video to explain and express our new learner, adult and system portraits. This is our Framework for the Future Video.

Vista Unified School District is refreshing its vision and creating its next strategic plan. VUSD is partnering with SDCOE and Prospect Studio to begin this strategic planning process over the next 3-5 years. This planning process involves several learning journeys such as The Student Summit, Guiding Coalition, Community Engagement Meetings, and Board Work Sessions. Let’s prepare our students and school district for their future! #FUTUREofVUSD

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Community Installation
May 7th, 2022

At our Community Installation event, members of the Vista community had the opportunity to guide the direction of VUSD and the future education in Vista. The Strategic Planning Team and Guiding Coalition members came together to analyze data from our Community Engagement Series and, using feedback from community stakeholders, created final draft versions of our Learner, Adult, and System Portraits. At this event, they were asked to share their feedback on the final drafts of the Learner, Adult, and System Portraits which will influence the future of our students, adults, and community for years to come.


Community Engagement and
Student Feedback Series #2

On Friday, February 11th and Saturday, February 12th, the Guiding Coalition members met to begin prototyping ideas for the Graduate, Adult, and System Portraits. The attached themes are a synthesis of the Guiding Coalition's work so far. These themes were then shared with the community in a variety of ways over a few weeks for both feedback on the emerging ideas, and final additional input. These engagement opportunities included a district-wide survey, an open house event, sessions at district meetings, and meetings with students at school sites. The results of these meetings will be shared with the Guiding Coalition at their final meeting in April, and incorporated into their next round of prototyping.



Students’ experiences and ideas are vital contributions in launching the refresh process on our vision, mission, and values for education in our district. Almost 200 students from middle and high schools attended the Student Summit event on Thursday, November 4th at the Vista Innovation Center (VIC). During this event, each student reflected on moments in their education that worked for them and those that didn’t, brainstormed the skills needed to meet the future, and identified the qualities of influential adults that have positively shaped their educational experiences. The overwhelming feedback we received will be a significant contribution to this refresh process.



The Guiding Coalition is a design team made up of a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. The team met for three different design and planning sessions during the 2021/2022 school year (December 10/11, February 11/12 and April 8/9). The purpose of the Guiding Coalition was to dig into the design work of building a vision and strategic plan that will help prepare VUSD for the future. This collective effort established the direction for our school district for the next decade through a Graduate Portrait, Adult Portrait, and System Portrait which results in the refreshing of our Core Values. The slideshow provides visuals from all three Guiding Coalition events.


Strategic Planning Videos


Guiding Coalition Presentations
Superintendent and Board President Slides

 Futurists Panel
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Michael Fullan
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Stephan Vincent-Lancrin
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