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School Consolidation

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Communication Update of December 12, 2023
On December 12, 2023, the Board of Education voted to realign school boundaries for middle schools and elementary schools as part of the school consolidation process of Rancho Minerva Middle School and Beaumont Elementary School. Starting on December 13, 2023, the Superintendent and Chief Operations Officer started a series of community meetings to communicate the decision of the board. You can review the board agenda item by clicking here.  From the board presentation, click here to review, the Board of Education decided on the option to align the middle school boundaries to the high school boundaries and for elementary schools they selection option A. Click here to review the Board Action Items list from this meeting. 

The following letters were also issued by the Chief Operations Officer:

 An element of developing a long-range facility master plan is to study enrollment trends and make plans for the number of schools and facilities that a district will require in the future. It has been estimated that 80% of school districts in California are experiencing declining enrollment. Many of those districts have historic and ongoing declining enrollment with projections being provided by certified specialist call demographers. Vista Unified School District falls into this category with a historic, ongoing, and projected pattern of declining enrollment. 

After an 18 month process of developing a comprehensive plan, extensive studies, and community input, on June 22, 2023 the Board of Education voted to close Beaumont Elementary School and Rancho Minerva Middle School, and move the Vista Innovation Design Academy to the vacated Rancho Minerva Middle School site. The purpose of this information resource page is to provide our community, families, faculty, and staff a central resource center on information about our process and current steps in this school consolidation (closure). 

Current Status: At this time the District is in the process of consolidating (closing) Beaumont Elementary School and Rancho Minerva Middle School on June 30, 2024. A date to move the Vista Innovation Design Academy from its present site has not been determined. 

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