OPS LogoPurpose Statement
The purpose of the Operations Department is to provide

a safe, clean, and pleasant environment that will support, stimulate, and enhance the educational process.

This is being accomplished by:

  • The establishment of standards of care for our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Responsive services for safety and security.
  • Revisions of operations quality control and assurance checks.
  • The development and refinement of systems supports.
  • Ongoing professional development to meet or exceed our standards of care. 
  • A focus on continuous improvement and growth in all aspects of our service. 

Scope of Responsibility
To ensure that all schools, classrooms, and operational environments are attractive, clean, sanitary, and safe for students, staff and visitors.

Operations Department at a Glance
OPS Department nine (9) central office employees that are responsible for the activities of: 

  • 34 Plant Leads
  • 64 Custodians
  • Facility Use 
  • Pools
  • Security teams

Contact Us
If you have an urgent matter please call the Operations Department, 
Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM. at 760.726.2170 ext. 92715.

The afterhours security and emergency hotline number is 760.560.6827.

If you have a non-urgent issue please ask your plant lead or office manager to enter a work order and Maintenance will respond.

Scott Conley
Operations Manager
760.726.2170 ext. 92714
       Kerry St. Julien Jones
Staff Secretary II
760.726.2170 ext. 92715
James Bach
Operations Custodian
760.726.2170 ext. 92724

Departmental Oversight

Shawn Loescher, Ed.D.
Chief Operations Officer
760.726.2170 ext. 92702      
        Danica Reed
Administrative Secretary I
760.726.2170 ext. 92702