1. Cloud connect serves as platform to aggregate all student programs in a central location, regardless of device. In addition you can store the passwords to create a single sign on experience. Yes you can do this on a browser, but people have a difficult time logging in and out of a browser. Cloud connect is a web desktop.
  2. It also provides a password self-service option to allow you to reset your password from any device at any time. Currently you have to change your password by pressing ctr-alt-delete on a windows computer. Students have chromebooks and ipads available to them, so it provides a better method to manage their password. Windows does not have an option if you forget your password. We have to reset the password.
  3. You don't have to create anything in cloud connect. Student programs are created for them and they have the ability to create their own. You right click in the desktop and paste the url. It takes less than 30 seconds to create a tile.
  4. Cloud connect also provides access to the g and k drive which is mainly used by Adults.
  5. There will be personalized reports for students and administrators in the future. The reports will take Aeries, Illuminate, ST Math, MyOn, Star, Read 180, ESGI and so on and combine them into a consolidated report. Cloud connect provides the most secure method to providing those reports.