District interpreters are available on a first-come, first served basis, in person or over the phone, and are available for large audience district/school-related events, parent-administrator meetings, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

Guidelines for Submitting a work order Interpretation Request

Translation and Interpretation (T&I) Services Unit provides on-site interpretation for district-wide meetings/events and some school events. To obtain interpretation services for these meetings, complete and submit an Interpretation Request work order at least 5-7 working days prior to the meeting date. You may also submit a work order request for the use of the interpreter equipment.

  • Submit one request separately per day/event.
  • Along with your request, please submit any supporting materials relevant to the meeting or event such as agendas and presentation documents to allow preparation and assure accurate interpretation.
  • For school-site meetings or events, administrators are encouraged to use qualified bilingual staff assessed by Classified Human Relations. If an interpreter cannot be identified, please contact the English Learner Center for further assistance at ext. 92140

  • Priority, special or same day requests require approval. Short-notice requests are accommodated based on availability.
  • In order to maximize the effectiveness of interpretation services, the site requester should follow the appropriate process indicated in the Translation and Interpretation Handbook.

Prior to the meeting

  • Make sure your interpretation request communicates the exact meeting location, including room number/name, expected number of people in need of interpretation services, and if the use of interpretation equipment is required.
  • Confirm parent attendance within one business day in advance and, if they cannot attend, immediately notify the English Learner Center (ext. 92140) and provide the work order number for reference for cancellation. On-site cancellation is strongly discouraged due to possible site incurred costs.
  • Understand that the role of the interpreter is to promote direct communication. Interpreters are not facilitators or advocates (Please see Working with Interpreters in K-12 Meetings).

Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings.

Interpreters for IEPs must be requested through the Special Education Department first. Please submit a request for a SpEd interpreter via the Special Ed Interpreter request form.

If you have any further questions, please contact the English Learner Center at 760.726.2170 ext. 92140.

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Adapted from Denver Public School systems/Multicultural and Outreach Services