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The Vista Unified Middle School Instructional Sprint Team, which included teachers and administrators from all five Vista Unified middle schools, developed recommendations for the 2020-2021 school year that are organized in three overarching categories: Learner-Centered Instruction in all Learning Environments, Assessment, and Parents as Partners. These recommendations are intended to provide meaningful and relevant learning opportunities to all students regardless of the learning environment. Key considerations used to develop these recommendations were equity, high expectations for all students, accountability, consistency, and clear communication.


Middle Schools Recommendation
Link to School Reopening Design Work, presented July 9th, 2020
Enlace al Trabajo de Diseño de Reapertura Escolar, presentado el 9 de julio de 2020

Initial Design

Instructional Initial Design

Implementation Action Steps

Click here to view the full Middle Schools recommendation document. Additional implementation details will be posted in the coming weeks.

School Schedule
School Schedule
School Schedule
School Schedule
School Schedule

More information can also be found on each school's individual site pages.

Sprint Team Members

Lead: Heather Golly, Principal, RMS Lead: Steve Post, Principal, VMMS Abby Barrantes, Middle School Teacher Jennifer Eckle, Middle School Teacher Ellen Crews, Middle School Teacher Emilio Torres, Middle School Teacher Lisa Fukuda, Middle School Teacher Kim Lunde, Middle School Teacher Dawn Inouye, Middle School Teacher Lisa Harrison, Middle School Teacher Kirby Sand, Middle School Teacher Kelle Yoder, Middle School Teacher Sean Johnson, Middle School Teacher Catherine Kuznitz, Middle School Teacher Joe Armenta, Middle School Assistant Principal April Diaz, Middle School Assistant Principal Maria Blake, ELD Teacher

Forum Information

The Middle Schools Sprint Team forum was conducted on May 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. with approximately 160 attendees. 

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