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The Professional Development Sprint Team is made up of a diverse group of teachers, staff, and administrators. Our mission was to gather feedback in order to inform the Professional Development needs of our staff members.  We know that we have a very short time to get over 3,000 employees professional learning in order for them to be geared up for August 2020, regardless of the learning model. In addition, we need to build out training for families. The key takeaway is that professional learning and training has to be differentiated, chunked, and focused on the how for staff and families.


Professional Development Recommendations

Link to School Reopening Design Work, presented July 9th, 2020
Enlace al Trabajo de Diseño de Reapertura Escolar, presentado el 9 de julio de 2020

Initial Design

Professional Development Initial Design

Implementation Action Steps

Click here to view the full Professional Development recommendation document. Additional implementation details will be posted in the coming weeks.

Sprint Team Members

Lead: Steve Bailey, Principal, Madison Kathleen May, Special Education Michelle Snyder, High School Assistant Principal Christine Corrao, High School Assistant Principal Steffanie Rupp, Special Education Letty Cimino, Elementary Assistant Principal Jana Hegg, Special Education Coordinator Kim Morton, Elementary School Principal Mary Quick, School Psychologist Kiki Bispo, FACE Lead

PD Development Sprint Team

Marcela Roberts, District Interpreter Stephanie Hawkins, High School Teacher Victoria Rosenkranz, Elementary School Teacher Sam Stavis, Middle School Teacher Cathy Hansen, High School Teacher Elisa Jimenez, High School Teacher Kim Camplisson, High School Teacher Vicki Curtis, High School Teacher Taresa McSpadden, Elementary School Teacher Rita Macarthy, Elementary School Teacher Olenka Hansen, Elementary School Teacher Theresa Buris, Middle School Teacher Emilio Torres, Middle School Teacher Michael Hansen, High School Teacher Dan Ryska, High School Teacher Coral Copthorne, Elementary Teacher Kalina Shatto, High School Teacher

Forum Information

The Professional Development Sprint Team forum was conducted on May 27, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. with approximately 250 attendees. 

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