PeopleSoft Training Resources

Below are the training materials that were used in Fiscal Services' PeopleSoft training classes.

PeopleSoft Training Part 1: Financial

Logging in/Financial Reports/Budget Transfers

How to Run an Encumbrance Report

How to Drill Expense Details & Identify PO Numbers and Vendors

How Much Was Charged for Store Requisition?

PeopleSoft Training Part 2: Purchasing

NEW! Add/Update Requisitions revised 4/7/17

Purchase Requisitions/Manage Requisitions

Entering a Stores Requisition

Purchase Requisitions: Amount Only PO

PeopleSoft Training: Misc...

Denied Requisition

Adding an Attachment

How to Find New PO Number in PS

Expenditure Adjustment

PeopleSoft Q&A's

*Friendly Tip - on Q&A document, hold CTRL button down when clicking on Links*