Q &A

Q: The Vista Unified School District, makes extra money by renting out their multipurpose rooms to religious groups or for community events. Maybe we can do the same?

A: The District does already rent out the facilities to such groups. The District received $324,015 in the 2017-18 year.


Q: There are 4 elementary school library techs retiring. There are 15 elementary schools I wanted to know if these positions will be filled?

A: The District is currently evaluating all positions both certificated and classified. No determination has been made. Guidance from the Budget Advisory Committee will be presented to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will provide updates to the VUSD Community.


Q: How much is the proposed raise (cert/class/manag) going to cost the district? Was CSEA the only group considering not taking the raise and holding off till we were more fiscally sound?

A: So far both CSEA and VTA are scheduled to receive the raises. The total cost impact for both CSEA and VTA for the entire year is $5.4 million.


Q: Consider not buying (or leasing) any more marquee signs, at least for now. The one at Murray has had one notice on it since it was installed, that I can recall. So other than being a distraction to drivers, it "welcomes to Murray" and provides the time and temperature. Information that can be obtained elsewhere for free.

A: We will review with the site department about using the marquee and other equipment to their full potential and communicate with the site.


Q: Do you anticipate that there will be layoffs of probationary and/or lower seniority certificated staff in addition to the retirement incentives?

A: At this time no determination has been made on the need for layoffs. We are working with the budget advisory committee to identify budget solutions and reductions.


VIC should in fact be closed and the property sold. There are 4 wasted wings over there and for the very small staff there. I would think they could relocate to maybe the ELC or perhaps the IMC. Or...move then to Alta Vista along with putting Vista Visions BACK there. Both entities do not need the space they currently occupy. This would also alleviate current traffic concerns at North Avenue.

Another thought which is actually harder than it sounds but what about going completely paperless? I can only imagine the paper costs over the course of a year and since I work in the warehouse I see it constantly. Electronic Report Cards, notes to Parents, invites etc. Postage and Paper would be saved, increasing savings over the year.


I seriously doubt the necessity of each and every one of these new vehicles. Some of them I'm sure could have waited or not bought (or leased) at all. At the end of one or two months after having been put in service get that department to provide the district the mileage on their new vehicles. you might be surprised how little they have been used.


So many of us teachers have felt like the Professional Growth Days aren't real beneficial, and kind of a waste of $$$ for the district. IF this past one on the 25th had been focused on SCHOOL SAFETY & SECURITY, many of us feel it would have been money WELL SPENT. I had suggested that earlier, but it was decided to put it off until later. I really feel like School Security & Safety should be a MAJOR PRIORITY in times like these. Maybe the district could SAVE money by having less presentations for teachers, more time in the classroom with our students, and save lives by making school safety a priority.