As Vista Unified moves into year 4 of the Personal Learning Challenge, participating schools have increased to all schools in the district. This means that all of the schools in the District are taking on the challenge to initiate the transition to a more personal learning system that takes into account the individual strengths, interests and values of each student. Please see below for a list of the participating schools. The Personal Learning Challenge Steering Committee is designed to be used as a venue to promote, to dialogue, to provide feedback and to make recommendations related to the transformation to a personal learning system.

The progress of the Personalized Learning Challenge Steering Committee will be archived below.

Steering Committee Dates

  • Phase 1 Schools: Sept 19, Dec 11, Feb 26, May 28

  • Phase 2 Schools: Dec 11, Feb 26, May 28

  • Phase 3 Schools: Oct 23, Jan 22, Apr 23, May 28

PL Challenge Steering Committee Structure


  1. Gain a Shared Understand of Progress
  2. Discuss and Resolve Challenges
  3. Provide Feedback and Recommendations
  4. Ensure Alignment to the Personal Learning Pathway
  5. Identify Success Criteria


  • Personal Learning Path Progress
  • Adaptability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Technology Implementation
  • Communication
  • Success Criteria

Monthly PL Committee Agenda Structure

  • Status of PL Challenge Schools (Lightning Round)
  • Topic Focus
    • Learning Environment
    • Professional Development
    • Student Profile
    • Personal Learning Path
    • Technology Infrastructure
    • Competency-Based
  • Feedback
  • Talking Points


  • How can we help?
  • Centered on VUSD Framework for the Future
  • Focus on student, not technology
  • Mutual commitment to outcomes
  • Actively participate in person
  • Seek first to understand
  • Work collaboratively to identify solution options

PL Challenge