English Language Development

VUSD's English Language Development Program is designed to support and promote the academic success of our English Language Learners (ELLs). At each school site, there is an ELD Coordinator who works to ensure that the site's ELD program addresses the language acquisition needs of students in the process of learning English. The ELD programs in the District are also supported by our Learning Center, which offers a variety of services to ELLs and their families. (Please see the Learning Center page for more information).


For further information about ELD Progams in VUSD, please contact Linda Guerrero, Director of English Language Development, lindaguerrero@vistausd.org


Title III Year 4 Addendum SPA

Title III Addendum Acronyms SPA

Title III Addendum

VUSD English Learner Master Plan

(Master Plan documents are currently undergoing review)

Plan Maestro de Programas de Instrucción para Estudiantes de Inglés de VUSD

(Estos documentos están siendo revisados actualmente)

English Version

Spanish Version



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Identification and Placement

Capítulo 1: Identificacion,Evaluacion, Colocacion

Chapter 2: Instructional Program

Capítulo 2: Programas de Instrucción para Estudiantes de Inglés

Chapter 3: Reclassification and Monitoring

Capítulo 3: Procedimiento de Reclasificación y Supervisión del Progreso Académico

Chapter 4: Staffing and Professional Development

Capítulo 4: Certificación y Desarrollo Profesional

Chapter 5: Parent & Community Involvement

Capítulo 5: Participación de Padres y de la Comunidad

Chapter 6: Program Expectation and Evaluation

Capítulo 6: Expectativas del programa, Comunicación y Evaluación

Chapter 7: Funding

Capítulo 7: Financiación

Glossary of Terms

Glosario de Terminología