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The purpose of the Planning Team's standards and specifications is to ensure that our designing, purchasing, and partner organizations are engaged in a process that supports the effective, efficient, and consistent practices for all aspects of facilities design, upkeep, and operations.

In conjunction with redevelopment of the district Long Range Facility Master Plan, there are four primary components to our standards and specifications initiative for 2023: 

  •  Educational Specification: The identification of activities, adjacencies, general requirements, interior finishes of our classrooms, schools, and office spaces. 
  •  Standardized Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment: The standard furniture and equipment for every general education, office, media center, play structure, outdoor space, and other regular use spaces in the district. 
  •  District Material Standards: The consistent building materials and systems that are in place to maintain the approved look, feel, and upkeep of Educational Specifications. 
  •  Career Technical Education and Innovation Processes: The process to engage in to provide innovative learning opportunities, such as those in regular practice and use, for Career Technical Education, to comply with section 3400(c) of public contracting code. 



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