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The Charge of the Facility Master Plan
On May 11, 2022 the Board of Education put forward the following charge to the Faculties Master Plan team: To identify, plan, and complete Measure LL Facility Bond improvement projects that align to the ballot language and best address the equitable needs of students. 

The Challenges
1) To maximize the impact of the Measure LL Facility Bond funds given chronic underfunding of facility maintenance and repair by the state; 2) the expansive need for facility repair and improvement districtwide; 3) the significant difference between the original construction costs estimates created by staff and professional Rough Order of Magnitude cost proposals provided by professional architects and contractors; 4) the current market conditions of dramatic cost escalation. 

The Opportunity
To analyze the existing state of all facilities through a long range facility master plan process, create a facility management system (including policies and procedures), increase staffing capacity to address facility needs, identify multiple funding sources, accelerate access to Measure LL Facility Bond funds, and leverage future redevelopment funding now through certificates of participation. 


VUSD Facilities Master Plan Inputs and Outputs



Desired End Result of the Plan



Timeline of our Design Thinking Process:

  • April - May 2022: Commissioning
  • June - October 2022: Explorations, Community Input, and Definitions
  • November - January 2022: Ideations and Prototypes
  • February 2023: Empathy Cycle and Prototypes
  • March 2023: Test and Drafts
  • April - May 2023: Cycle 2 Definitions, Ideations, Prototypes and Test Cases
  • June 2023: Anticipated Full Project Completion


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Facilites Master Plan Principal Team Members
You can contact the Planning Department 
Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. at 760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Shawn Loescher, Ed.D.
Chief Operations Officer
760.726.2170 ext. 92702

      Grace Chan
(Project Professional Corps. Partnership Provider)
Director of Bond Construction &
Long Range Planning

760.726.2170 ext. 92702
Steve Prince
(Ruhnau Clarke Architects Inc. Partnership Provider)
Principal Architect

  Kristen Rose
(Foresight, Planning,
and Development Inc. Partnership Provider)
Principal Consultant