Planning LogoPurpose Statement
The purpose of the Planning Team is to provide a vision and purposeful plan for the future district facilities to maximize the District's efforts to advance educational excellence and innovation.

This is being accomplished by:

  • The development of a long-range Facility Master Plan.
  • The development of a mid-term facility improvement plan for capital facility improvements.
  • To establish District standards and specifications for the effective and efficient facility operations.
  • To develop and design innovative new facilities.

Scope of Responsibility
The current scope of responsibility for the Planning Department is our Measure LL Bond Program, the Fund 40 (Certificate of Participation) mid-term facility improvement plans, explorations of additional funding sources for capital facility improvement, and the long-rage Facility Master Plan. 

Planning Team at a Glance
The Planning Department is a cross functional team under the leadership of the Chief Operations Officer which includes collaborators from Maintenance, Grounds, Operations, Measure LL, and additional partnership providers including architects, engineers, project coordinators, and construction managers. 




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Contact Us
You can contact the Planning Department 
Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. at 760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Shawn Loescher, Ed.D.
Chief Operations Officer
760.726.2170 ext. 92702

      Grace Chan
(Project Professional Corps. Partnership Provider)
Director of Bond Construction &
Long Range Planning

760.726.2170 ext. 92702
Kevin Kirby
Maintenance Manager
760.726.2170 ext. 92705

  Jim Bray
(Gafcon Inc., Partnership Provider)
Special Project Management
760.726.2170 ext. 92705