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Welcome Back to School 2022-2023

Welcoming students, staff, and families back to school is always one of the most exciting times of the year. Students are anxious to meet their teachers, make new friends, and learn new skills. Families are excited to see their children grow, mature, and continue to make progress along their learning pathway. Teachers and staff are refreshed, recharged, and ready to make learning fun and memorable. 

On behalf of the Vista Unified School Board of Trustees and the entire Vista team, I would like to officially announce the adoption of our new Framework for the Future. We will retain our motto as a district that strives for excellence and innovation in all that we do. The framework contains three new components: our vision, a set of portraits, and our values. We will be focusing our efforts throughout the year operationalizing our new Framework for the Future so that all students have the opportunity to learn and grow in the most dynamic, relevant, and supportive educational environment possible.

Vista Unified Vision

Every student graduates from Vista Unified as a resilient, agile learner and creative problem solver who navigates the world with confidence and kindness and eagerly embraces local and global challenges. 

A “vision” is a bold leap into the future, painting a vivid picture of a destination - a “north star” that guides collective action and shapes the strategies to make it a reality. A vision is long range (10-15 years), helping us step outside the present and reimagine the possibilities of the future. Organizational changes take time, and longer timeframes encourage us to be proactive and to anticipate and plan for changes. Click HERE to read more about our new Learner, Adult, and Systems Portrait.

In addition to our in-person models at every school site, Vista Unified offers students the opportunity for a virtual school model through our Vista Visions Academy (VVA). More information can be found at the VVA Website or by contacting their office at (760) 724-4785.

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