Board Action Update | November 15, 2019

November 14, 2019 Regular School Board Meeting
Posted on 11/15/2019
Board Meeting Action Update

November 14, 2019

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the November 14, 2019 Special School Board meeting. In order to address budget solutions, board members reached consensus on budget reductions from the Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation and the general fund unrestricted. The board members engaged in a six hour process, carefully analyzing and discussing the impacts of the reductions in an effort to keep the focus on students at the center. The board members stated many times that all programs, staffing, and resources in Vista Unified are important and valued. Our collective responsibility to maintain a fiscally stable budget for the 2020-21 school year is the foundation of our school district. The board members were able to reach consensus on an additional $3,575,705 million in total reductions to the unrestricted fund. The previously reduced counselors at the elementary (4 positions), middle (1 position) and high school (2 positions) were restored. As a result, the board has met its obligation to identify $13.3 million in total budget solutions to report to the San Diego County Office of Education. The official First Interim Budget report will be presented to the school board on December 12, 2019. As discussed during the budget solution meetings, the board will utilize the budget prioritization documents to restore staff and resources (stuff) as funding becomes available. 

Board Actions:

Approved - Physical education waiver for PE instructional minutes at Mission Vista High School 
Approved - Physical education waiver allowing extension of the physical fitness testing window at Mission Vista High School
Approved - First Reading of Board Policies - BP 3515 Campus Security, BP 3551 Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund, BP 7140 Architectural and Engineering Services

Budget Discussion and Action on Budget Reductions for the 2020/2021 School Year 
Budget actions below only include board decisions made during the November 14, 2019 meeting. Visit the  Budget website for a complete list of budget reductions made over the course of the three budget solution meetings - November 4, 6, and 14, 2019. 

Total unrestricted funds reduced during this meeting: $3,575,705

5 Middle School Counselors (Academic) - Restored $93,023 (1 position)
18 High School Counselors (Academic) - Restored $186,047 (2 positions)

Support Level 1:
15 Elementary School Counselors - Restored $372,093 (4 positions)
Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI) - Reduced $10,500

Support Level 2:
Arts, Choral, STEM Festivals including WASC support - Reduced $20,000 (Shift to Title IV)

Support Level 3: 
Librarian Media Techs Additional Hours - Restored $260,000 (Shift to Title I)

Support Level 4:
NGSS Support - Eliminated $113,000
8 Period Day Info & Prep Meetings - Eliminated $47,450
IB District Librarian - Eliminated $125,000
Supplies for Wheel Teachers - Eliminated $8,700

Reduction to General Fund (Unrestricted) - will not have a Support Level:
Board of Education Materials- Reduced $4,122 (10%)
Facilities/Maintenance/Operations - Reduced $46,185 (10%)
Fiscal Services - Reduced $179,429 (10%) 
Information and Technology Department - Reduced $224,139 (10%)
Special Ed Supervisor - Eliminated $148,962 (1 position)
Superintendent Materials - Reduced $7,331 (10%)
Human Relations School Services - Reduced $7,500
Assistant Superintendent of Innovation - Eliminated $232,261
Solar - Utility Savings $600,000
Additional staffing, OPEB, Transportation -  Reduced  $367,739
Student and Staff Computer Devices  - $500,000 (Shift to Restricted Funds)

Funding Shift for Staffing and Resources (stuff) from unrestricted to restricted that resulted in a savings for our general fund budget deficit:
AVID Program Resources (stuff) K-12  $120,000 (Shift to Title I)
IB/AP Waiver Program $200,000 (Shift to Title I)
Middle School LEADS (revised to Encuentros) Reduced $111,750 (Shift $100,000 to Title I)
Reduce Class Size for ELD 6-12 $88,000 (Shift to Title I)
AVID Sections Eliminated $880,000 (Shift $880,000 to Title I)
AP/IB Supplies Restored $94,000 to Title IV
Secondary Performing Arts $50,000 (Shift to Title IV)
Math Coach Release Periods $134,800 (Shift to Title IV)