Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Translation & Interpretation (T&I ) Unit located?

We are located at 111 W. California Ave., Vista, 92083

Are T&I Requests still being submitted through School Dude?

Yes, T&I (not Special Ed., related) still uses SchoolDude for requesting interpretations/translations/equipment rental. Don't forget to click on Reports/Labels/Forms in step 3 to ensure we receive your request.

Is this the same process for requesting an interpreter for an IEP?

No, the Special Education Department's team of interpreters has their own process. Please submit your request via their Special Ed Interpreter request form.

The system won't allow me to attach my file for translation, what now?

Email [email protected] and attach your document. The subject line should simply read: Document for Work order: (insert your work order #).

I've submitted a work order and don't know where it stands in the process, how can I get a status?

There are 3 options, you can:

  1. Dial ext., 92140 and request the status of your work order

  2. Email: [email protected] and include your work order number on the subject line to request a status


  1. under the "MY REQUESTS" tab in SchoolDude, if action has been taken it will be visible on this screen.

Our site needs the interpreting equipment but not an interpreter, does a work order still need to be submitted?

Yes, please specify in the description box INTERPRETER EQUIPMENT ONLY.

Just kidding we do need an interpreter after all, do we need to submit another work order?

No, with your work order number handy, dial ext. 92140 to update your request.

My request is for an emergency and needs immediate attention, do I need to go through the School Dude process?

Yes, but first dial ext. 92140 to ensure the availability of an interpreter/translator.

I need to cancel my request; do I submit a new work order to cancel the original request?

Please do not initiate a new work order for the cancellation of another. You may either email [email protected] and reference the work order you need to cancel, or dial ext., 92140 and reference the work order number.

This process is a bit confusing, can someone help me with my first request?

Absolutely, with all the details of your request handy, please dial ext. 92140 and we will gladly guide you through the process.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach one of our interpreters/translators at ext., 92144 or 92109.

Thank you!