Keenan Training

The Vista Unified School District offers a number of free safety training opportunities to employees of the District. The training is through the Keenan SafeSchools program and is available from any computer. We have provided the access directions below:

How to log on to the online training program (Keenan SafeSchools):

  1. Using your web browser, go to the web page: (no "www" is necessary.)
  2. To access these training courses, enter your username, which follows the following format: Employee ID Number
    • EXAMPLE: John Smith
    • Username: 123-456 (you must enter the hyphen, no spaces)
  3. Select the "Take More Courses" button on the bottom left corner of the welcome screen.
  4. Select any course by simply clicking on the name of the course. The courses have audio so turn up your speakers if you wish to hear the narration. Complete all the training scenarios and the assessment to receive completion credit for the course.

Please contact the Human Relations Department if you are unable to log in.