Educational Excellence

Our Learner Portrait

The Learner Portrait envisions the outcomes for students.  It describes the community’s aspirations for what learners will know, be, and be able to do, in order to thrive in their lives and careers.

Learner Portrait
Kind and Confident
Students are positive, patient, appreciative, reliable, and responsible. Students are resilient, self-directed learners who are self-aware and focused on a hopeful future.
Curious and Connected Students are inquisitive, innovative, and able to adapt to new ideas and situations. Students are committed to positively impacting their family, their community, and the world.
Capable and Knowledgeable
Students develop and apply deep core academic knowledge and skills and can make connections across subjects.
Students know how to purposefully adapt communication to deliver information.


Department Directory

Dr. Christine Olmstead
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Excellence and Innovation

Lori Higley
Executive Director of Educational Excellence and Innovation, Elementary

Penny Capra
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92106
Administrative Secretary

Amy Rankin
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92107
Coordinator, Elementary

Nicole Allard
Executive Director of Educational Excellence and Innovation, Secondary

Ellie Navarro
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92102
Administrative Secretary

Damon Patterson
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92118
Coordinator, Secondary

Kellie Fleming

(760) 726-2170 ext. 92103
Coordinator, Compliance and Accountability