In accordance with Education Code sections 47604.32 and 47604.33 and Vista Unified School District Administrative Regulation 0420.4, Vista Unified is required to monitor the efficacy of each charter school during the course of each school year. The purpose of this monitoring process is to ensure adherence to Education Code requirements, the implementation of the charter petition, and accompanying agreements such as memoranda of understanding (MOU).

The Vista Unified charter monitoring procedure is comprised of three components: 1. bi-monthly charter school network meetings, 2. charter school reporting, and 3. completion of the Charter School Oversight Checklist. Charter schools are required to submit periodic reports to track the implementation of the program and adherence to budget and accounting requirements. Please find below a brief list of the statutory requirements for reporting to the Chartering Agency. For detailed information regarding the reporting requirements, please refer to the VUSD Charter School Monitoring Checklist.

Charter School Reporting Requirements (Ed. Code 47604.33)

  1. Preliminary Budget Report
  2. First Interim Financial Report
  3. Second Interim Financial Report
  4. Final Unaudited Financial Report
  5. Independent Financial Audit Report
  6. Student Achievement Report

During the monitoring process, the charter school lead administrator for Vista Unified will utilize the VUSD Charter School Oversight Checklist as a tool to ensure consistent, objective monitoring criteria is followed for each charter school. This checklist will serve as the basis for the Charter School Annual Report to the Vista Unified School Board. The checklist is organized into eight sections identified below.

VUSD Charter School Oversight Checklist

  1. Executive Summary (pp. 1-7)
  2. Statutory Assurances (p. 8)
  3. Financial Reporting (pp. 9-14)
  4. Governance (pp. 14-16)
  5. Personnel (pp. 16-19)
  6. Operations Management (pp. 19-20)
  7. Educational Program (pp. 20-25)
  8. Facilities (pp. 25-26)

All charter schools will participate in a three phase monitoring process during the course of the school year. The Oversight Checklist will be completed during these phases. To support charter schools to prepare for this process, we have developed a Charter School Monitoring Tool Kit. This tool kit includes a Monitoring Schedule, a Monitoring Overview for details related to when each section of the Oversight Checklist will be implemented, and a Guide to the Charter School Oversight Checklist that identifies the district lead for each section of the Oversight Checklist and provides specific detailed about the documentation required during the monitoring process.

Charter School Monitoring Tool Kit

Charter School Monitoring Schedule 2016-17