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Blueprint LCAP

Welcome to Blueprint and Local Control Accountability Plan

Join us in helping develop our recipe for success for VUSD as we build our next 3 year plan called the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2024-2027!

The LCAP is like a special recipe for our district. Families, staff, students and community members all get to be chefs, sharing their ideas about what ingredients the district needs to make sure everyone has joyful learning experiences. We are needing to think about ways to still create a great recipe for success for our students, but may need to adjust the types of ingredients we might use, so we’ll need your help in determining the most cost effective recipe. 

We have many opportunities for you to help us choose the right ingredients for our recipe! We have both in person and virtual meetings scheduled if you’d like to hear a presentation from our team and contribute your ideas and/or you can help us by participating in our School Community feedback survey. Click here to see the meeting dates

Click here for the presentation

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2023-24 LCAP 

During the development of the 2023-24 Blueprint and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) process. We actively engaged over 1000 members of our community in the development process; including students, parents, community members, staff, and administrators. The School Board of Trustees formally approved and adopted the Blueprint (and LCAP) at the June 22, 2023, School Board Meeting.  This year-long process was driven by hundreds of feedback points from our community and a careful analysis of student progress in academic, social/emotional, and behavioral achievement. 

The Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation sets a clear vision for the future, includes a purposeful mission, promotes positive, student-centered environments, and identifies goals for what we expect students to achieve.