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Districtwide Events

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Walk Photo

VUSD is organizing Proud of Our Public Schools Walks. The walks will highlight the amazing teaching and learning happening at VUSD local schools. 


Students, parents, teachers, staff and the community from each school site will deliver door hangers in school site attendance area.  All you need is a smile, water and comfortable shoes to participate.


 You will need to provide an email address when signing up. If you do not want to sign up online please contact the school site to sign up. 


2019 School Site Walk and Door Hanger Distribution Event Dates

Maryland Elementary

700 North Avenue in Vista

March 20 3 p.m. Sign up

Hannalei Elementary and

Rancho Minerva

120 Hannalei Drive in Vista.

March 21 3 p.m. Sign up

THE Leadership Academy

1550 Temple Heights Drive in Oceanside

March 21 3:30 p.m. Sign up

Mission Meadows Elementary

5657 Spur Avenue in Oceanside

April 1 3:30 p.m. Sign up

Alamosa Elementary 

5130 Alamosa Park Drive in Oceanside

April 2 8 a.m. Sign up

Empresa Elementary and

Roosevelt Middle School

4850 Avenida Empresa in Oceanside

April 2 8 a.m.  Sign up

Bobier Elementary 

220 W. Bobier Drive in Vista

April 6  9 a.m. Sign up

Breeze Hill Elementary

1111 Melrose Way in Vista

April 8 2 p.m. Sign up

Monte Vista Elementary 

1720 Monte Vista Road in Vista

April 13 8 a.m. Sign up

Grapevine Elementary

630 Grapevine Road in Vista

April 15 3 p.m. Sign up

Lake Elementary and Madison Middle 

4950 Lake Boulevard in Oceanside

April 22  8 a.m. Sign up

Foothill-Oak Elementary and

Rancho Minerva Middle 

1370 Oak Drive in Vista

April 22 8 a.m.  Sign up

Beaumont Elementary 

550 Beaumont Drive in Vista

May 13  3 p.m. Sign up

Haga clic aquí para obtener información en español.