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Thought Leadership Collaborative




Vista Unified is committed to reaching our vision to become the model of educational excellence and innovation.  To this end, we realize that the best learning environment is one that envelops students in all facets of their life; and one that focuses on each student's strengths, interests and values. Building a learning ecosystem requires a new paradigm of partnership with businesses, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, parents, government agencies, non-profit organizations and philanthropic organizations. 


The Vista Unified Thought Leadership Collaborative is our vessel of change.  It is a vehicle that houses our plans and aspirations, our ideas and conversations.  Its goal is to bring the best of our minds together and look at things in new ways with new, broader purposes.  Mostly it is intended to share the lessons we learn from the journey we are on — a journey that will take us to a new form of school district.  In our public schools, we now see emerging a learning ecosystem that begins pre-natal and continues lifelong.  This is a journey intended to reshape the community and the local economy, keeping kids in school, seeking full potential and creating talent that fuels local business and high priority sectors and industries yet to be defined.  Through the Thought Leadership Collaborative we truly intend to break the mold in ways that can only be accomplished by transforming the American school district.  We invite to join us on this journey.  Be prepared to begin a conversation that may take many forms and many possibilities.


Vista High Selected as XQ Finalist


Achieving Our Vision



A Learning Ecosystem


Vista Innovation Center for Educational Research and Practice

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Vista Unified is highlighted at



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Leadership Advance 2016

Leadership Advance 2016