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Celebrating Our Own!

Academic Language and Literacy Strategies Across the Curriculum by: Jennifer Hall, Melody Peck

Academic Language: Making Theory a Reality by: Rya Hege

Can Inquiry Questioning be done within Houghton Mifflin? by: Myrna Gonzales, Mindy Ayers

Classroom Environments that Promote Respect and Trust by: Carmen Waszak, Maria Blake, Nichole Santangelo

Common Core Reading Standards: Foundational Skills for K-2 by: Jean Ryder, Kim Morgan

Common Core Transition by: Sandra Ceja

Cooperative Groups That Really Work by: Darlene Painter

Crisis Intervention (Implementation of the District Crisis Handbook) by: Lorie Gammon

Cyberquest Activities for Science and Math Instruction by: Marc Schroeder

Dealing with Difficult Parents - Fierce Conversations by: Tressie Armstrong

Diving into Depth of Knowledge by: Benjie Walker, Rhonda Heffernan

Embrace the Sounds of Music Through Creative Writing & Active Listening by: Anne Fennell

Enhancing Rigor for Verbal Engagement in the Classroom by: Lori Higley, Steve Green

Google Apps by: Tamara Marks, Traves O'Neil

IB Ready for Common Core: Preparing Students to be Global Citizens by: Heather Golly, Margaret Jacobsen, Liz Swensen, Steve Sanchez

Instructional Technology Using Moodle and VUSD Apps to Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom by: Raquel Carr, Scott Hill

Integrating Common Core with HM and enVision by: Dwayne Kohn

Interactive Note Booking by: Darlene Painter

Introduction to Reading Apprenticeship in Secondary Education by: Mary Suzanne Owen, Michael Stanley

Key Data by: Shannon Wells

Mind Maps by: Diane Biggs, Blanca Munoz

Number Talks in K-1 by: Janet Robinson

Number Talks: A Strategy for Mathematical Discourse by: Stan Firestone

ROP Community College Articulation (Palomar & Mira Costa) by: Jennifer Nelson

School Safety - Kelly Elementary by: Tressie Armstrong

Socratic Seminar by: Mary Contreras

The Intersection of Learning: Common Core and the Arts by: Helena Hanna

Transformational Leadership: Leading from a Growth Mindset by: Susan Ford

Transforming School Culture with Character Education: One School's Journey by: David Hanlon

Tribal Leadership in Education by: Cyrus Ortiz-Luiz

Understanding and Improving Instruction for Long Term English Language Learners by: Andrea Miller-Fay, Kim Collier

Understanding by Design Unit Planning by: Tim Leary

Unspiraling and Delving into the CCSS by: Nancy Pace-Skinner

Using Costa's Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor by: Joanna Murray

Using Google Drive by: Martine Fronk

Using Models and Real Situations to Teach Math for Conceptual Understanding by: Ellen Crews, Angela Townsend

VUSD ROP Courses and How they Support CTE Standards and Common Core by: Suzie Johnston, Ebon Brown

WebQuests and iPads by: Heather Love, Erik Korporaal

What Does Common Core Mean for our English Learners: Exploring the New ELD Standards by: Michelle Gray, Gil Barrios

What Your Teacher Librarians Can Do For You Because Your Students Don't Know C.R.A.P. by: Denise Robertson, Nancy Tubs, Ranae Mathias, Jennifer Stone

Within The 4 Corners by: Dayna Shanahan, Kelsey Swan

World Cafe - Common Core by: Erin English, Laura Smtih

Writing with an Art Experience by: Janet Newman