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P-3 Continuum

P-3 Continuum Framework

The following are working drafts of the Prenatal to 3rd Framework.  Teacher Think Tank input and teacher voice will continue to craft and refine these documents.


Developed by educational researchers, Ready4K is an evidence-based text messaging program for parents of children from birth to 3rd grade, provided at no cost. Each week, you will receive fun facts ...more

Educational Enrichment Systems Preschool Program


P-3 Continuum and the Blueprint

VUSD Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation Rationale:

Strategy 1: Family and Community as Partners in Education - We will develop a system that promotes two-way communication, engagement, and partnerships.

  • Action Plan 3: We will implement a Prenatal to Grade 3 (P-3) continuum that aligns parent education, early childhood education, early elementary, community partners and wraparound services to address the achievement gap before it opens with emphasis on supporting high needs students (Economically Disadvantaged, English Learners, Homeless, Foster Youth)


P-3 Continuum Overview

The education achievement gap begins early; research points to the first signs emerging as early as nine months. The gap has a long reach, affecting graduation rates, future earnings and health outcomes. Research shows that high-quality early learning can substantially increase the likelihood of later academic success. However, even universal access to preschool is not enough, and more aligned early education and elementary systems are needed to support Vista's young learners. 


VUSD's P-3 Continuum aims to:

  • Change the way schools and the district interact with families to support children's development, and
  • Connect early learning providers with schools in order to foster school readiness and 3rd grade reading achievement, and
  • Foster smooth transitions in the preschool to third grade ecosystem.

Aspiration Set

The P-3 Focus Group is committed to the set of aspirations listed below.  The actions center around integrating teacher voice and leadership.  A Teacher Think Tank has been created with representatives from every site to ensure teacher voice is at the center of all P-3 Continuum work.  Click the link below for more information on all the actions, including fostering smooth transitions, P-3 ecosystem research, supporting P-3 Vanguard Schools, igniting principal leadership, and expanding age 0-5 opportunities and supports with community partners. 




Higher resolution PDF file - Aspiration Set

Spotlight on P-3

Ask any Vista kindergarten teacher about the benefits of a preschool education and they will sing its praises. And it’s no wonder, considering the research that backs up the positive returns. ...more

Investing in Early Childhood Development

The Heckman Curve was created by Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate economist at the University of Chicago. Dr. Heckman examined and analyzed hundreds of evaluations of services for children and young adults, with a special focus on return on investment. As indicated in the curve, he found that returns on investments in the earliest years are far higher than those for older children and young adults. This is generally due to the immense benefits and effectiveness of preventing problems before they arise, rather than trying to treat them later.

Contact Us


Matt Doyle Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Innovation 

Email: mattdoyle@vistausd.org

Phone: 760-726-2170 ext 92006

P-3 Focus Group

The P-3 Focus Group is a representative group of teachers, school leaders, district leaders, preschool partners, and county early education leaders that has guided VUSD's P-3 journey. P-3 efforts ...more

P-3 Teacher Think Tank

The P-3 continuum aligns parent education, early childhood education, early elementary, community partners and wraparound services to address the achievement gap before it opens.

In order to amplify ...more

UCSD Teacher/Researcher Collaborative

The Teacher/Researcher Collaborative pairs UCSD researchers directly with classroom teachers to implement a series of education neurological studies that assess the students’ early cognitive, ...more