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Facilities Committee

Over the past several months, District staff has been collecting data from various sources to determine facilities needs in each of our schools as well as information about enrollment.  The Facilities Committee will be convening to begin review of the data that has been collected. 

The Facilities Committee will be facilitated by Eric Hall, President of Eric Hall & Associates, a firm assisting school districts on a wide variety of school related issues.  In order to obtain as much input from the sites as possible and to try to keep the group size manageable, the Facilities Committee will meet in quadrants based on middle school boundaries.

The committees are made up of one site administrator, one parent representative, one certificated teacher representative, and one classified staff representative from each site which have been identified by the site Principal.

Successful meetings have been held with all four groups to determine and prioritize facilities needs at each school site. 

Facilities-South includes the following schools:  Madison, Rancho Buena Vista, Grapevine, Breeze Hill, Lake, and Adult Education who met in January and March at Madison Middle School Library. 

Facilities—East includes the following schools:  Rancho Minerva, Alta Vista High, Hannalei, Monte Vista, Beaumont, Foothill Oak, and Vista Magnet Middle who met in January and March at the Rancho Minerva Library.

Facilities—North includes the following schools:  Roosevelt, Vista High, Mission Vista, Vista Visions Academy, Mission Meadows, Alamosa, Empresa, and VAPA and first met on February 14th.  The next meeting is April 9th at the Roosevelt Library from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm.

Facilities—West includes the following schools:  Washington, Maryland, Temple Heights, Bobier, Olive, Casita, Major General Raymond Murray High, California Avenue, and Sierra Vista and first met on February 19th. The next meeting is April 10th at WMS Room 401 from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm.