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Team Strength!

2015-02-11 13.20.43.jpg

Strong in our efforts to inspire our students, families, & community!

Exciting News!

We now have 22 Family & Community Liaisons throughout the district! We are excited to continue growing our team and supporting our community!

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WAVE Pact Wednesday!

2015-02-11 13.10.09.jpg

We honor WAVE Pact Wednesday every week by wearing college gear!

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Network Team

What a Loving, Hard-Working Team!!

Kiki: Family Engagement Network Lead

Name: Jacqueline Bispo

Nicknames: Kiki, Jacqui

E-mail: jacquelinebispo@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 726-2170, ext. 92011

Twitter: @EngageVista  









Background: Native Californian (from North to South). Former South Central L.A. High School Girls' Basketball Coach & Science Teacher (A.P. Environmental Science, Biology, Environmental Technology, 9th gr. Integrated Coordinated Science, Leadership); Student Council Advisor; Curriculum Designer (Environmental Technology); 8th gr. Earth Science teacher; Adult School High School Diploma-GED Program Coordinator; Career Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Mentor; Blended Learning teacher-on-special assignment; K-12 Independent Studies school Administrative Designee

Enjoys: Traveling the world (20 countries outside of the U.S. so far!), cooking, learning, elevating students' minds and happiness, leading for sustainability (Go Green Schools!)

Alma mater: UCLA (B.S. & M.Ed.); Currently at UCSD-CSUSM (Ed.D.)

Hope for our families & community: That we may learn to live sustainably so that future generations will have the resources they need; that all children will have the same opportunities in life & grow up in healthy communities; that all children know their unique gifts & abilities, and meet their personal goals & dreams; that all oppressed groups will peacefully reach justice and respect.

Leticia: Liaison - Grapevine

Name: Leticia Ambriz

Nickname: Lety


Phone: (760) 724-8329, ext. 56008

Twitter: @GrapeVLiaison

Office: Hobb Hall


Background: Born in México and raised in Valley Center, CA. Graduated from Orange Glen High School.

Enjoys: Spending quality time with my family, reading, and shopping.

Alma Mater: Cal State San Marcos

Hope for our families & community: My hope is that our families are able to build strong relationships with schools and the community, utilize the numerous resources that are available, and for parents to learn to advocate for their children. I hope that our families become motivated, engaged, and empowered to be even better parents and teachers for their children. 

Vivian: Madison Middle

Name: Vivian Boring


Phone: (760) 940-0176, ext. 62006

Twitter: @MadisonLiaison

Office: Back of Office


Background: Worked at another middle with the ELL students. At a high school as campus supervisor. Now I work as a Circle Leader for a Non-profit organization that promotes sustainability. 
Enjoys:  Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing and hiking the outdoors.
Alma Mater:  Cal State LA
Hope for our families & community: To inspire families to work together and build a community within each other that will take them through their academic journey with their students.

Susi: Liaison - Maryland Elementary

Name: Susana Torrico

Nickname: Susi

E-mail: susanatorrico@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 631-6675, ext. 40118

Twitter: @MarylandLiaison

Office: Room 18

Susi T.jpg

Background: Born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana. Spent her summers in Carlsbad and Tijuana, Mexico visiting family. Moved to this area about 17 years ago.

Hope for our families & community: To make a connection with parents and families at her school site and throughout the community. Helping people is a passion of hers and she looks forward to assisting parents and providing them with the resources available in our community.

Jorge: Olive Elementary

Name: Jorge Garcia

E-mail: jorgegarcia@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 724-7129, ext. 53011

Twitter: @OliveLiaison

Office: Welcome Center (105)


Patty: Temple Heights Elem

Name: Patricia Landeros

Nickname: Patty

E-mail: patricialanderos@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 631-6242

Twitter: @TempleHLiaison

Office: Front Office


Background: Born in San Diego, raised in north county (Vista, San Marcos) Graduated Rancho Buena Vista High School.
Enjoys: Laughing and spending time with my family. Traveling with my husband and children. Giving back to my community and helping families in need.
Hope for our families and community:  I look forward to helping families get connected to great resources and to help build a stronger community one family at a time for a better overall well being of all children. I hope to help parents further develop a bond with their child through parent involvement. I want every family to feel equally important and learn from each other. 

Laura: VAVPA

Name: Laura Nuñez

E-mail: lauranunez@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 941-0880, ext. 44055

Office: Room 26

Alicia - VMMS

Name: Alicia Tabares

E-mail: aliciatabares@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 726-5766 ext. 61015

Twitter: @VMMSLiaison


Background: I grew up in a flower nursery in Vista, CA. Half of my childhood was spent between Oceanside and Vista. Chicana/o Studies & Social Work


Enjoys: The beach, reading, Lucha Libre movies, comic books, graphic novels, and travelling.


Alma Mater: San Diego State University


Hope for our families and communities: For all students to believe that they can go to college, to empower parents to become advocates for their child’s education, to strengthen the connection parents have with our schools and community, help families increase their use of technology, and, finally, for families to use technology as a powerful tool that can positively impact their child’s learning. I hope I can create a welcoming, loving, and safe space for parents to feel comfortable to share their stories and ask for support.

You can Count On "Us" to support our families and community!



Nancy: Liaison - Bobier Elementary

Name: Nancy Ramirez

E-mail: nancyramirez@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 724-8501, ext. 55006

Twitter: @BobierLiaison

Office: Parent Room (#38)

Nancy's Pic.png

BackgroundBorn in California and raised in Carlsbad. Graduated from Carlsbad High School.

Enjoys: Spending time with my children and husband, playing soccer, traveling, and helping families in need.
Alma Mater: SDSU (Bachelor of Science) 

Hope for our families & community: To help families get connected to resources and build a connection between school, parents, and community. Helping is my passion and I look forward to helping children succeed.

Jessica: Liaison - Casita Elementary

Name: Jessica Gutierrez

E-mail: jessicagutierrez@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 724-8442, ext. 50145

Twitter: @CasitaLiaison

Office: Parent Room (Room 18)


Background: Born in La Mirada, California and raised in Vista, California.  

Enjoys: Being in nature and the outdoors, learning about our history and cultures, getting to know our community and working with families. 

Hopes for our families & community: My hope is that our families will utilize our schools as a place of learning, not just for our student but for our parents and caregivers that support our children's education. Our families should have the tools and resources to grow and gain new skill sets so that they can grown in new areas, support their students in many ways, give back to our community, and promote the importance of parent involvement in our schools. I look forward to working with our families to get to know their goals, needs, and cultures so that together we can continue to strengthen our culture of learning not only at school but also at home.   

Lili: Liaison - Hannalei Elementary

Name: Lili Gonzalez

E-mail: liligonzalez@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 631-6248, ext. 42124

Twitter: @HannLiaison

Office: Parent Center (#24)


Background: From Acapulco, Mexico. 

Hope for our families & community: As a community liaison, my goals are to connect with families and provide appropriate resources, support and information that will assist active participation in each child’s education. I hope to serve as a communication link between families, school and our community. I look forward to working with everyone and the school as a team to help all children succeed.

Rebecca: Monte Vista Elementary

Name: Rebecca Smith

Nickname: Becky

E-mail: rebeccasmith@vistausd.org



Background: Born and raised in Southern California, graduated from Vista High School. Lived in Austin Texas for 12 years where I begun my career as a Parent Community Liaison in middle school and high school programs.

Hope for our families & community: To serving and empower parents to meet the needs of their children/students. She enjoys working and creating partnerships with community businesses.

Elizabeth: MG Murray HS

Name: Elizabeth Sutton


Phone: (760) 726-8003, ext. 63013

Twitter: @RBVHSLiaison

Office: Family Center


Background: I was born in Chicago, but spent part of my childhood in Mexico, and then in North County (Oceanside mostly). 


Enjoys: Getting to know the community, traveling, spending time with my children, and taking Zumba classes.
Hope for our families and community:To help in any way possible in strengthening the connection between the community,parents, and school.
Also, to provide an environment that encourages that connection.

Gabriela: Liaison - Roosevelt MS

Name: Gabriela Thompson

Title: Family and Community Liaison at RMS

E-mail: gabrielathompson@vistausd.org

Phone: (760) 726-8003, ext. 63013

Facebook: Roosevelt Liaison Gabriela Thompson

Twitter: @RMSLiaison

Office: Parent Center


Background: Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Studied Accounting in College and several years in a Holistic school in South America. I grew up helping my parents at a very young age in their electronics and clothing businesses.  I owned a flower and gift shop for 13 years in México.  At one point I moved to Denver, Colorado and lived there for almost 8 years. At the same time I worked for Jefferson County Human Services as a Foster Mom with 11 kids under my care at different times over 3 years. In 2014, I moved back to California and have been working since for VUSD.


Enjoys: I love decorating homes, painting, remodeling etc. I enjoy dancing, love working and interacting with people, spending time with my family and having long conversations with my son, and staying at home.

Hope for our families & community: I hope for our families to get more involved in their child’s education and performance in school. I’d like to get all of the tools and resources possible so I may help parents make that happen. I am working hard to link our families to resources, in becoming more involved in our communities, our school and with other families so we can all reach our common goals, and in the near future see our children become successful members of our society.